(i) Providing assistance to those affected by natural and civil disasters (including acts of terror and war) and heightening awareness of the conditions caused by such disasters and the relief efforts needed to improve such conditions and prevent future disasters.

(ii) Providing recreational and educational activities for children and other members of the New York City community or other communities affected by natural or civil disasters (including acts of terror or war);

(iii) Providing support for and engaging in mindfulness and consciousness training and other education and training to support the wellbeing of the New York City community and other communities, particularly children, senior citizens, and other vulnerable populations; and

(iv) Providing support for educational initiatives regarding and relating to suffering around the world and efforts to relieve it.

September's Mission is to support the development of a memorial park on the former World Trade Center site that ties into the overall redevelopment of Lower Manhattan, and to ensure its future sustainability through public/private partnerships.

September's Mission is committed to working with the families, Manhattan residents, businesses and public officials to ensure that the future of the World Trade Center site not only honors the lives that were lost on September 11, but serves all New Yorkers for generations to come.

Once the scope of the World Trade Center memorial is more clearly defined, September's Mission aims to work with public entities as the private arm to fund memorial development efforts as well as on-going operations and educational endeavors.

September's Mission is also dedicated to helping families who lost loved ones on 9/11. By hosting and supporting events throughout the year for families and children, we strengthen personal connections and create a positive, nurturing forum that contributes to healing.

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